Rainbow Gold Bodywork

Holistic Therapy & Hypnosis +Plus

Established in 2004 to help women who are going through times of change in their lives.

I am passionate, confident and focussed on helping you to find your Inner Peace Within.

Each phase of life can require different solutions. From feeling invisible to being empowered and present in every moment of your day.
And as change is an inevitable factor of life, it is no different for Therapists and the way in which we work.
There has been some change of focus of the tools being used, and yet the end goal is still the same. For both women and men, there is a solution within you to get past any of your stresses.

Helping you with Hypnosis +Plus more

HYPNOSIS +PLUS      Hypnosis +Plus

Ros began exploring ways to learn more about helping herself through problems that were occurring in her life around ‘not being heard’ and feeling ‘invisible’ in her private and public life.

Then it came time to move forward in life, and the need to earn independent income as a more mature woman.

There was a steady move through areas of study to allow her to help others who may be experiencing a similar journey.

Some of the skills are:

Aromatherapy,  Bach Flower Remedies,  Foot & Hand Reflexology,  Indian Head Massage,  Horstmann Technique,  Lymph Drainage Massage,   Reiki/Seichim    +plus more

Hypnotherapy & Sound Therapy

Hypnotherapy is the latest of these tools that Ros has studied and is now helping many people with different problems, with you having the solutions in your inner subconscious level of being. It is really exciting to explore and find the answers with help from Ros and using hypnosis. It is safe and deeply relaxing.

Sound Therapy is another of Ros’s favourite tools. With various instruments being played around you, it’s like a deep massage as the waves and vibration of sound move through your body and your whole soul being.